Pro Sport Coilovers

Pro Sport is a combination of heritage that’s been reworked with a degree of 21st century styling to bring about this new brand, which with some good fortune appears to have already taken prominence in the UK`s suspension market.

Strong, durable and fully height adjustable, Pro Sport Coilovers – which are TUV approved – are certain to absorb the shocks of any bumps in the road, giving you a more comfortable ride whilst making your vehicle have the exact stance that you want. Not only that, but a set of Pro Sport coilovers will also help you to improve the handling of your car, decreasing body roll so that you won’t be thrown across the vehicle when you go around tight corners!

Whilst the price of a coilover kit from Pro Sport may often be somewhat cheaper than its competitors, that certainly does not mean that the quality has been sacrificed, as Pro Sport are widely regarded as some of the very best value for money available on the market today.

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A discount fitting service is available for products purchased via our website.